Rubber hoses

Rubber hoses are the most common snakes. Hoses are produced via extrusion, coextrusion, or wound on a mandrel. Type hose is application dependent. Hoses are supplied in roll length or mounted. Where required by applicable standards or requested by the customer, the hoses are equipped with stainless steel rings with highlighting of hose type, pressure, test date, etc. Most common rapidly deliverable hoses:

  • Air Hose to 20 bar pressure.
  • Steam hose for low and high pressure, red or black, according to BS EN ISO 6134 or 5242.
  • Nitrogen hose with marking, and where desired anti-static.
  • Viton (FKM) hose, chemical resistant.
  • Abrasion resistant hoses and sand language long.
  • Dredging hoses with vulcanized flanges.
  • Water hoses according to DIN.
  • Fiberglass coated tubes for high temperature applications in the steel industry.
  • LPG hoses up to 25 bar according to DIN 1762.